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First EP, Verda Suno, to be released May 24th


Verda Suno is an introduction to the story about the planet of the same name. The songs from the EP were released separately with, each time, fragments of this story.

In the beginning, the faraway planet Verda Suno was a lot like ours. States tidily divided by frontiers, separating inhabitants by language and culture. Long time has passed since the last armed conflict and things were as calm as the still waters of its black lakes. Or so it seemed. Some states developed a new political model, based on consumerism and techno-capitalism, the governments debilitating the masses by giving them quick access to everything they desire (or believe they need) via easy-to-use applications fed on users’ personal data. Each of these governments were nested in the dirty hands of gigantic sprawling corporations. With time, driven by greed, these hands wanted to grab more so they started putting subliminal messages wherever they could in order to push the buyers to consume more.

As a consequence to this new model came a heavy consumption of Verda Suno’s natural resources, causing its slow but certain death. Seeing the end of the planet arriving, corporations started scouting missions to find another habitable planet. On the other hand, a small group of intellectuals decided to use primal myths of the early civilizations to create a new religion, and to use it as a lever to save their only home: their planet...

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